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Musings on Certain Realities

Hey there. It’s been a while. For months, I thought about sitting down and documenting some of the thoughts that have occurred to me during these rather tumultuous times, but I must confess that as a master’s student required to submit numerous research papers and as a writer being paid to churn out 40,000-50,000 words every month, I found myself exhausted at the mere thought of composing one more paragraph… Read More »Musings on Certain Realities

What Would Happen if You Knew?

I hope you know what it’s like to hold the hand of a homeless child in Tondo,walk through make-shift living spaces and past people crammed on the streetsto teach kids who can’t even afford to go to public school,because they’re either orphaned or their parents are poor; flood waters swirl underneath your feet and your privileged self isn’t quite sure what to do,except to hold the hand of a child… Read More »What Would Happen if You Knew?

Thoughts on Kobe, Life, and Legacy

The last time I watched basketball was around 2011 and I only watched the finals because the guy I was dating then was a huge fan. So when news of Kobe Bryant’s passing started streaming through the airwaves, the deep emotion and pain that kicked me in the gut was unforeseen. I hold no opinion about his career nor did I ever follow his plays, but the loss of his life… Read More »Thoughts on Kobe, Life, and Legacy

Notes on Thanksgiving: Excerpts from the Japan Travel Diary (Part 2)

“Aren’t we going to go down yet? I’m excited to take photos!” I was staring out the window, admiring the rows of changing autumn trees when Cathy asked the question. I took a quick glance at the map and told her that our stop wouldn’t be for another 20 minutes. We’ve already been inside the train for 2 hours, so what’s 20 minutes more? Grabbing the Family Mart beef rolls… Read More »Notes on Thanksgiving: Excerpts from the Japan Travel Diary (Part 2)

Notes on Thanksgiving: Hallelujah Nonetheless

“Hallelujah.”⁣ ⁣I feel the word rise to my lips from deep in my belly before I could even think twice. I pause. I say it again.⁣ ⁣“Hallelujah.”⁣ ⁣This time, I trace each syllable carefully with my voice, remembering its roots. I heard it once from a teaching and have never quite said it the same way since.⁣ ⁣“Halal”, so often translated to praise.⁣“Jah”, an abbreviation of Jehovah or Yahweh.⁣ ⁣“Praise… Read More »Notes on Thanksgiving: Hallelujah Nonetheless

Notes on Thanksgiving: Excerpts from the Japan Travel Diary

Christmas lights. Cool cider breeze. Ramen. Shoji and fancy wood. Crimson leaves. With a soft smile and a deep exhale, I lean back against the shinkansen chair and mentally list down the things I was grateful for. It really wasn’t that difficult when everything was going great. My favorite travel destination during my favorite season with some of my favorite people. How can I not give thanks? I go back… Read More »Notes on Thanksgiving: Excerpts from the Japan Travel Diary

Transitions and Seasons

So I move yet again. And as much as the thought of building from the ground up unnerves me, I understand that faithfulness is not just doing what the Lord has called me to; it is also knowing just until when He has called me to it. It is also faithfulness to stop, to leave and to start anew.

23 Things I Learned on My 23rd Year

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.” The iconic Taylor Swift song was released when I was 16. From that time on, I spent every year looking forward to the day I turned 22, just so I can finally claim the song. *not even kidding* Since I spent so much time looking forward to 22, I failed to actually think about what it would be like to turn… Read More »23 Things I Learned on My 23rd Year