You can call her Jade or you can call her Anne. No one calls her Marie.

She is a 22-year old who loves colors and sparkles almost as much as she loves worship and theology. Her ultimate life goal is to go to the lands God has shown her and to share the Gospel there. As much as the specifics, whens, and hows are vague to her, she knows that that desire will never waver.

Being a natural planner who had to accept the fact that the God she loves has a thing for surprises, she has repeatedly found herself plunging headfirst into situations she never would have gone into otherwise; staying and leaving as He tells her and wills. Here, she jots her thoughts and experiences, trying to keep up with all the changes in her and around her as she embraces the mystery and wonder of life.

She considers herself blessed to be called, for she is but of dust and ashes; an imperfect life continually empowered by His grace, completely surrendered to His Lordship and cause.

She welcomes you to take a look into her journey with her Maker.

Posts That Capture Her Heart