The Blog Guide

Hey there!

I know that figuring out where to start can sometimes be a little overwhelming. So if you’re new here and don’t really know what to read up on or where to look, please allow me to help you.

Let’s start with the posts that were particularly popular with the general public:
1. Dear Guy Friend: I Want Your Wife to Love Me (the post that launched this blog)
2. Dear Men: We Need You
3. Dear Student: What to do When You Like Someone
4. Bro, Don’t Me

Next up, we have posts that weren’t necessarily as viral, but they do reflect just as much of my heart – especially during the particular seasons that I wrote them:
1. Dear Mr. Right: I Can’t Love You That Way Anymore
2. Break
3. Obedient When It’s Convenient
4. New Year’s Resolution: Move On
5. Dear Reader: Stop Copying My Convictions

If you’re more into social justice, these may interest you:
1. Rape, Catcalling, and Abuse: This Is My 20 Minutes Of Action
2. The Dissonance of Abortion and Women’s Rights
3. The World Is Hurting And I Don’t Know What To Do About It
4. #ChristianGoals: Be Magical

But if what you’re looking for is a bit of theological depth, these are the ones you would probably want to read:
1. Wide Eyed and Mystified
2. (Dear Church): Stop Vulgarizing God
3. A Lover, Not A Sugar Daddy
4. Loving a Cheater
5. Destined: Greater

These may barely scratch the surface, but I hope they’re enough to help you start navigating this little home of mine. Take your time, linger, and enjoy! ❤️