I stand underneath clouds of gray
Swirling like a storm
Resemblant to the state of my heart and mind

Flurries, confusion, questions…


Every emotion crashing together on me
Seeping into my body
Indecipherable which is which
Encompassing all of me

I’m giving in

You told me, show beauty no matter the cost
You said, fight for what’s right even when it hurts
You didn’t say how tiring it would be
You forgot to mention how long it would take

But it makes no sense to complain
I just ask for one thing, I plead of You
Come in with the rain

Let Your grace wash over me
Shower Your love in a crashing, relentless outpouring

Be the wind that caresses my cheek
Cool my mind and refresh my soul
Swallow my tears and wash the hurt away
Then break through the dark clouds

Come in like the beautiful dawn

Shine Your light
Even on the darkest parts of me
Give me strength to keep on even when I can’t see

Let the new day begin
Another day to push through
Renew my spirit

I still trust in You

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