It has been said “train a child
in the way he should go
And it is in this manner
that he will grow.”

And honestly, honey, as cool
as I want you to think I will be
My job here isn’t really
all that simple and easy

So at the age of 4,
when you yell and whine
I’ll discipline you, and trust me,
the hurt is more mine

At the age of 7,
when you slam the door
I’ll probably hold a sermon
you think is a bore

When you turn 13,
you’ll “fall in love”
But sweetheart, I’ll teach you
that true love comes from above

You’ll be 18 and see your friends
taking drugs, smoking, and drinking
Then you’ll probably ask me
“why don’t you allow me to do anything?”

My love, please understand
that I do want you happy
But I care more about what happens
to you in eternity

I will adore you
And to you, no one can compare
But I’ll be honest,
you won’t always think things are fair

So I may not allow you to do all the things
that will make you temporarily fulfilled
But I will fully support you
in any interest and hobby you want to yield

I will understand and embrace
your desires and quirks
So you can shine bright as who you are
even when darkness lurks

And if, like me, by the age of 10
you start to express desire to marry
I’ll do my best to not freak out,
like your grandma and granddaddy

I will embrace your friends
and welcome them as part of the family
I’ll share jokes with you, trade secrets
and show them how deep you can count on me

They’ll even witness how
your mommy’s cookies are the best
But baking is something I have yet to learn,
so for the meantime put your cravings at rest 😂

And don’t worry, God gave us free will
thus I’ll let you make your own decisions too
I will just make sure that values and foundations,
I have instilled in you

I will show you how to stand up for what is right
and fight for it if you have to
So you will see how justice
is something we should do

You will see in my life
how much love gives away
So that “I want to love like my mom”
is something you’ll proudly say

From the very beginning,
together we will seek God’s will
so when your heart bounces and breaks
you know the truth isn’t always what you feel

By the way, you’re not allowed to say bad words
like everyone else in school
Because I will teach you that it’s wrong to curse
when life in it’s essence is wonderfully beautiful

So baby, I might not be as “cool”
as your friends’ moms may be
But I will be your best friend
In reaching your full destiny

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