You are above and beyond my wildest dreams
So majestic, so infinite

Wholly love, wholly justice
Wholly jealous, wholly selfless

How is that even possible?

Such incomprehensibility
Such enigma
Oh so lovely

It’s simply impossible to fit You into a box
My mind can hardly comprehend all there is to You
But if You deem me worthy,
I want to explore every chamber of You

Every attribute, every secret
I want to know the depths of Your heart

For You, my Lord, my King
My deepest desire
You, oh wondrous You
You breathe life into me

You have taken off my peeling, graffitied paint
And exposed a fresh, clean canvas
You have illuminated my world amidst the dark
With glittering stars and silvery linings

I press my heart again Your chest
And dance to the beating of Your heart
And how it fills my ears
Your love, so deep and resounding like the waves of an ocean
Speaking of how we will never part

All I want is electrifying, intoxicating, awe-inspiring adventures with You

So may I have the privilege of finding out the method to your glorious unfathomability?

Ahhh, but
But somehow
I know I never will

Charting You just cannot be done

And thus it is my greatest delight to just walk through this life with You
Being caught up in Your enchanting mystery
Resigned to the fact that exploring Your universe means accepting that it is ever-expanding
Boundless in all its glory

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