“Lay your life down”

Again and again and again
I have, Father
Over and over again

And it hurts
It always hurts so much

I don’t understand why
Why You ask so much of me
Why You mold so much

Breaking, stretching
As if I can’t take a break
Like I can’t catch my breath


You are worth it
You are worth every piece
Every shattered piece of my heart

You are worth it all
So You can tear me apart

Ask me to obey
Ask me to sacrifice
It’s okay, because
You are all I need
You suffice

All that matters to me
Is You
Nothing is worth more than You

I can have nothing of this world
Because for me
Everything is You

Yes, let me have nothing
Just let me have You

I don’t understand why
Why this much
This soon
This often
But I don’t have to

I can not have the answers
Because I have You

You are most precious to me
You are most beautiful to me

Father, this is my response:

You are my life now.


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