I posted this on my old blog last February 14, 2014. I was reading through some of my old posts there when I came across this and realized that it still holds true to me today, and so I would like to share it with all of you. 🙂

Last year (2013), I wrote about love and how it’s a decision to love people even when it hurts and when they’re just plain irritating. This time, though, I’d like to take it even deeper. 

When I did that last post on loving, I thought I already knew the full extent of what it means to love. But when I looked at Christ’s framework for love, I realized that I still lacked. Miserably. Because love isn’t just biting your tongue when you get annoyed, true love is completely choosing not to dwell on the negative emotion.

And I always had this notion that I would only love the people who would love me back, because that’s what feels good. I mean, why in the world would I want to waste my emotion on someone who’s just downright unlovable and doesn’t know how to love in return, right?


Love is giving. And giving. And giving. Unconditionally. Without expecting anything in return.

I know it sounds hard. It sounds hard because it is hard. Frankly, it sounds awfully good in theory but it is exceptionally difficult to live out. I repeat, exceptionally difficult.

Loving this way means being prone to hurt; being vulnerable. People might not return your love and will only take you for granted. But then, that’s one more thing I recently learned about love.

Love takes risks. Not just risks, but giant leaps of faith.

You have to decide that you care more about the person than your fear of getting hurt. It’s looking past the height below the cliff and seeing the magnificent view in front of you. Because the truth is, love is beautiful.

I have this huge thing for watching engagement and wedding videos. I usually get teased for being way too excited to get married but in reality, I just really like seeing the look of love and joy in the eyes of the groom and the bride – it takes my breath away.

And I realized that, be it love for your family or friends or special someone, it should be that way: it should leave your heart fluttering. I’ve been told I read too many fairy tales and maybe I have. But here’s one thing I know for sure: I wasn’t made to be mediocre, so why in the world should I settle for a mediocre kind of love? 

I’m not just talking about that roller-coaster emotion that you feel, I’m talking about the commitment to love. Because in all reality, as much as the butterflies feel good, they would eventually fly away. But the emotions fading doesn’t make love any less grander than it was before. In fact, all the more should you put in more effort to sustain the relationship; all the more should you be motivated to love.

I find it laughable when people say they have “fallen out” of love because “the person changed.” You don’t love a person for how he acts or how he dresses and then just stop because he stopped fitting your preferences. You love a person simply because he is. And you fight to love even if there are changes because even if he’s not how he used to be before, he still is.

So what to do with that classmate that annoys you so much? Love. That friend who betrayed your trust? Love. The pedicab driver causing traffic? Love.

Choose to love. No matter what.

We are called to love people, to the fullest extent that we are capable of. Yes, even the annoying tear-your-hair-out people. In Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy; Jack and Rose; Noah and Allie proportions. To the extent that the emotions conveyed by the classic songs you sing at the top of your lungs into a hairbrush-microphone when you think no one is watching start being real.

Because that’s what Christ did for us. He loved us even when we weren’t worth loving, for as much as he was capable of. He loved us so much that he was willing to die for us, and that’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. He took a chance on us, even when we might not love him back. Crazy, right?

That’s how true love should be – CRAZY. It’s being selfless and sacrificial. It’s giving up the last slice of your favorite cake because your friend is craving; it’s comforting your sister through her breakup even if you have an exam you haven’t reviewed for; it’s foregoing your own preferences just so there is harmony.

It’s an adventure; a discovery; an awakening. So have faith as you jump off that cliff for even if you end up falling instead of flying, you can be rest assured that God’s ready to catch you.


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