I Want To Get Engaged Too

You guys, I’m not kidding. Two men got down on one knee to propose to two of my friends last week and while I deeply rejoice with them, I can’t get out of my head the fact that life is quickly passing me by. It’s surreal to think that we went from talking about wedding plans to them actually already planning their weddings and here I am, still unengaged. The… Read More »I Want To Get Engaged Too

Glorious Mystery

You are above and beyond my wildest dreams So majestic, so infinite Wholly love, wholly justice Wholly jealous, wholly selfless How is that even possible? Such incomprehensibility Such enigma Oh so lovely It’s simply impossible to fit You into a box My mind can hardly comprehend all there is to You But if You deem me worthy, I want to explore every chamber of You Every attribute, every secret I… Read More »Glorious Mystery